Monday, September 08, 2014

April to September

April has always been the cruellest month, according to Eliot at least. But life has been filled with a never-ending stream of new environmental pressures, forcing adaptation and perhaps evolution. All this, and much more.

I used to give advice to people about how to write essays, how to see the world, and all kinds of stuff like that. Unfortunately, as certain examiners of certain examining boards have pointed out, perhaps the problem is that this is merely a blog, and yet is being used by too many students for a specific purpose. It plays havoc with their output, and then comes the denouement, the suspicion of some kind of plagiarism because they have begun to sound the same.

It's not this blog's purpose to create a voice that is a template for other people. It's not my purpose, anyway. So life is difficult, but life will give you a voice of your own. This blog isn't supposed to.