Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mission Statement

There is something lyrical at times about the cloisters of a convent. There is a hidden music, the light seems to percolate around the stone pillars, while somewhere, a voice is always singing. It was in such a setting that the head of the convent said to me, "Let's talk about your mission statement."

Till this day, I remain amazed by those three years of my life. What on earth was a young, single Asian gentleman doing teaching in a convent? The reason given was fantastic, fantastical, almost (but not quite) beyond belief. And yes, that interview in August 1994 produced a mission statement. I'm not sure if it really is all my mission, but it does cover some of it at least. I have tried to live as if it were true.


We all have a mission in life.

Mine is to find Reason
and bring it where it is needed;
It is to give Reason a voice,
even when it is troublesome to do so.
It is to use Reason in the service of God,
and not for mere advantage of myself or for others.

How can I do this?

I must do this with a sense of duty,
to seek the greatest good for others.
It must be done with patience and care;
with love, justice and compassion.
I will be a good friend to those who have shared friendship with me;
I will be rational with those who do not seek my good.

I will try to bring out the best in others,
but I will not presume on their limitations
or impose any discipline on them
which I have not imposed on myself.

And I will always make time
for things of eternal value and of lasting worth,
at the expense of lesser things.


Anonymous xinhui said...

=) =) =)

i love your mission statement!

oh and...
*jumps back in shock*

you? convent?

oh my gosh, the poor nuns!

Saturday, September 30, 2006 5:46:00 pm  

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