Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Words In Wolff's Head

And here is Wolff, once 'Sir Wolff', but now a leader of his own Order, the way the St John's Ambulance people are a pale shadow of the Hospitaller Knights of Malta, of the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem. These days, he trains novices to be Wyverns, even if they are not of that Order. And his old Order appears to approve. Yet, there are still those who make him tetchy. Like the parents of some novices, who after having given them into his care, still make sideline noises.

By what right do you tell me how to handle my children?

The right of the novice master, thinks Wolff. His right, who wields the sword which cuts away all that will not endure. But all he says is the very simple and true:

I am the one who teaches them.

And this gives you the right to tell them I am wrong?

Yes, thinks Wolff. Because I was brought up to tell right from wrong, and teach others right from wrong. But all he says is the very simple and true:

What I have said, I have said.

Why do you confuse them by saying that their other teachers are wrong?

Because some of them are, thinks Wolff. And I would not give them a chance in a millstone, should the Highest wish to apply the law against leading children astray. But all he says is the very simple and true:

I speak things as I see them.


And thus it is that the parent goes away confounded even though the truth has been spoken. All Wolff can think is this: forte dans mon devoir, simple dans ma vertu. It is perhaps one of the strongest principles he has obeyed in his long journey, and he has miles to go before he sleeps — miles to go, and promises to keep.


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