Monday, June 21, 2010

Whose World? What Cup? (Day 11)

So I'm watching Portugal break fluidly, artistically all over the North Koreans (or DPRKs, as some might say). I don't think Portugal are THAT good, but they are good, and the North Koreans are somewhat unfortunate and not so good. The score on 66 minutes is 4-0 in Portugal's favour. The old empire-builders are showing the Hermit Kingdom what's what.

It sets up a thrilling encounter in the next round of group matches, as Portugal meet Brazil. Will the Old Empire beat the Great Colony? Will Cristiano Ronaldo get sent off? Stuff like that.


Portugal ended the match 7-0 up. The Hermit Kingdom goes home in disarray; the Portuguese have thrown down the gauntlet to a Brazil side who are also improving with time. I am even more fired up for that match now!

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