Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rite Of Examination (Preparatory, Part 2)

In the previous epistle I did write upon the matter of arising. In this second part, I write herein on the matter of arousal and the enlightenment of the internal workings.


Part II – The Arousal and Enlightenment

It is now the hour that you must gird your loins and stir forth. Should you have an examination before noon, you must be of good cheer. Eat not of the heaviness of starch, but of the lightness of fruit and grain. Prepare the essence of the bean, lovingly and with water that comes not to boil, but yet gives off steam and brings the aroma of the essence to your nostrils.

Yet each of these things should be done a halved hour before you must depart for the trial of your perspicacity. This time is needed, for a third of an hour will pass and you shall feel intolerable stirrings from within your belly, for this is the way of liquid, that it finds its lowest level and attempts to flow out therefrom. Release the fluid of your internal strivings, and whatever other debris may obtain thereof, and retain none of it, that your heart (and bowels) be enlightened and your gait springy as you approach the trial.

For these are the secrets of the well-prepared supplicant at the Great Rite of Examination:
  • circulatory prowess, that the sanguinity of the body fuel the earnest intent of the mind
  • caffeinatory prowess, that the choleric impulse of the body fuel the nimble celerity of the intellect
  • post-colonial prowess, that the melancholic excess of the body be divested promptly as a burden to the thought
for indeed the trial of examination is the trial of the phlegmatic essence, which permeates the tissues of the brain, giving life to every axonic electrification.

World without end, yes, but every trial is ended at its own time.

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Anonymous Carl said...

have you a Kc value for the ideal humoral balance? ahhhh haha

Monday, November 05, 2007 4:09:00 am  
Blogger Ballista said...

carl you have certainly been studying too hard man... haha no sense of humours!

Monday, November 05, 2007 7:31:00 am  

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