Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Catching Up — Caught Up

A short while (from a week to three weeks) ago, I passed a few milestones without noticing. That I've only just noticed testifies to how unimportant those milestones really are, and also to the kind of comments I do notice and think about. Here are two examples.

Many of my clothes have turned ten years old. I know this because I used to think about tailoring that would last, and got a lot of pieces done. I had no idea they'd last this long. And they still fit well, perhaps even better now that they've subtly shifted to accommodate my frame.

My income has quietly reached my average annual income for the past five years, but in only eight months. That's strange, because I don't recall working harder. And I haven't raised my charges either.

I am very thankful. This is not a milestone. I am grateful all the time, and I give thanks because I am.

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