Monday, August 20, 2012


I remember that when I worked on the hill, I used to refer to all my charges as 'ladies'. There were some giggles and guffaws (yes, even those) when I first did this, but I know I was steadfast in thinking that some day they would certainly be so, if not.

Nineteen years later, I had the great pleasure of catching up with many of them on a lovely Monday afternoon. All around me, the same naughty smiles, the same charming graces, the same pointed wit — but more refined. If not ladies then, they certainly were ladies at lunch.

I really enjoyed their company. I am glad we are friends. It would have been inappropriate then, when I taught them. But it is a blessing now, and I am grateful for it. Each of them gave me a different fragment of light back then; I saw the whole rainbow this day.

"Simple dans ma vertu; forte dans mon devoir."

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