Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mass Production

What is this thing called mass? How is it produced? Why is it apparently an intrinsic property of some parts of the universe? Is it a dimension like space or time? After all, when discussing dimensionality of units, we tend to look at mass, length and time.

These thoughts flashed through my head as someone came up with the fateful words, "Do you teach physics?"

My first response, which fortunately I did not make aloud, was: "I don't think any physic would like to be taught by me."

My articulated response was, "Hmm. In a manner of speaking, yes."

Meanwhile, a massive sense of oppression, like that caused by the looming darkness of a thunderhead, began to build. Fortunately, good coffee metabolized it away.

Later in the day, the good coffee's metabolic powers led to a spate of mass production. Ho ho.

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