Saturday, January 07, 2012


Sometimes there are awe-inspiring pieces of writing. And sometimes, there are pieces of writing that inspire other things. I have found a template for political speeches of a certain kind. It is here. It has gone memetic.


"When I made the decision to [execute life-changing event] in [year], [something] was not a key factor. Loss of [precious something], [painful stimulus] on myself and my family and loss of [something else] were. The disruption to my [life aspect] was also an important [something]. I had some [synonym of dirt] to believe that my [something] would not suffer a drastic [something] even though I experienced a drop in my [something else]. So it is with this recent [ouchie]. If the balance is tilted further in the future, it will make it harder for any one considering [general life change]."


More examples can be found here.



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