Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Jerusalem by the Merlion

And was that ship in ancient times
Docked at this city's pirate port,
And did the lone wolf's mighty spawn
Hunt fin and scale and fluke for sport?

And did his burning eye see true
The vision of commerce and trade
And was the Venice of the East
Indeed the slave of Mammon made?

Bring them the paper of their chains
Bring them the numbers of their bonds
Bring them the season of the rains
That fills the trading-road with ponds!

They shall not cease from mental fight
Nor shall they sleep but toil all night
Till they have learnt what is not learnt
And saved what has not yet been burnt.


I too have seen the opposable bamboo and gazed upon his works. And so, bad poetry, mixed metaphors and a total vomitus of angst. Yes, results are out tomorrow.

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