Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Interview

This is part of the edited transcript of an interview which I found rather interesting. Some names have been redacted. The original interview was carried out by the Discoboulos and recently published by Marshall Cavendish (2011, extracts from pp. 31-34). Thank you, old Tom! Readers may attempt to guess who the protagonist, A, is. It's pretty obvious, though.

A: But over the past four-and-a-half years since I left, it has been just like this — because of one perceived problem: [Personal name] is not loyal to [institution], which is not true. Which is not true! They make it up in their own imagination, and they move all their political reality in the direction of their imagination, which is a bad imagination.


A: So I think that the only thing we can do with this is to ask for reconciliation. They're afraid of me, they don't trust that I'm not out for revenge. But I'm not out for revenge.


A: Even when I am not in [the country] they don't want me to go back. Because they know they cannot compete directly. So it's a question of the way I go back. My return must be in a gracious way. And so I have to wait for the right moment. It may be at the end of this year [2011] ... in December.

B: If — or when — you go back, would you promise your people in the [institution], and in the [institution], and so on, amnesty? Forgiveness?

A: Yes, right.

B: No witch-hunt?

A: No witch-hunt. I think forgiveness is the key. I mean it.

B: And people can trust you on this?

A: Yes.

B: They're not going to be [redacted]? Or worse?

A: No.

B: No investigation? The past is past?

A: I want to forgive and make the whole [institution] forgive each other. Because, if you don't forgive, you cannot reconcile your [institution]. You cannot be one [institution] anymore.


A: Some people may not be comfortable if I go back and have political power, directly or indirectly. But I can even propose that I can be in any position; I do not need to involve myself in politics. For example, if the... [redacted example]. That kind of appointment would have the effect of forcing me not to get involved in politics. I don't want to have a [designation] position. I don't want to be anything that is ambitious. I just want to prove that I don't mind not being anything, but I want to prove that I am beneficial to my [institution] and my people.

B: Why?

A: Because I really worry about the [people]... And because I feel gratitude to my supporters.

An alert reader has pointed out that 'A' sounds a lot like a certain character whose name sounds like a six-letter word meaning 'a warning bell'. Ah, yes. Very much so. Spot on. Heh.



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