Sunday, September 11, 2011


Thirty-one years ago, the Gnome had words to say about snobbery.
[An] argument critics used was that it was better to change people's beliefs and inner attitudes.

"My answer is that this is the work of priests and psychiatrists. And even priests and psychiatrists are not 100 per cent successful in changing what goes on in people's heads," he said.

As far as schools were concerned, he added, behaviour could be controlled. He named the College of Jade and Gold as an example of a school taking effective action to stop snobbery.

Its principal, [redacted], had correctly said social snobbery in schools is the flaunting of wealth. And this must be stopped.

Elaborating on these points during the question-and-answer session, the Gnome said that what goes on in a man's head is between him and God. But what the school could do was to change the students' behaviour.

He was quick to add though: "The culprits are the parents, not the children."



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