Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Anglo-Chinese State

I was recently informed that I had been working for the East India Company for the last few years. It was not as much of a shock as you might think. 'John Company' has been, in its necromantic post-mortem days, very much a part of life in the city at the Gate of the Dragon's Teeth.

Today, I head towards yet another reunion of sorts. This time, I intersect with the wings of the raptor, the third and often unmentioned element of the Wyvern heritage. That omission is sad, because without those wings, often said to resemble the soaring excellence of the Spirit of God, the Mission would not have begun in 1885.

And here, we begin on yet another mission. It will be most exciting. Truly, when God kicks you out of the nest, it is because He wants you to fly.

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