Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lacking Tension

Without dramatic tension, one tends to vegetate. A vegetable is propped up mainly by its own internal turgor. It is full of fluid, it is rigid, upright; it is running low, it wilts. It is all about fluid balance, going with the flow one way or another.

However, strung up by external tension, one learns to be both marionette and puppeteer, both created and creator. One is in a world where thought and feeling are one; in a place where if will and power are one then things will be.

One can be in a lacking tension, or one can be in a surfeiting tension. A lacking tension draws one in by the absence of substance; a need is felt, a hollowness gnaws. A surfeiting tension forces the impulse outwards; something must be done, but what?

I am momentarily in a lacking tension.



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