Monday, July 11, 2011

Parrot Island

Parrot Island is a former protectorate of West Iberia. According to the morris-man, it is characterised by extreme conflict-avoiding and self-protective behaviour when it comes to providing information to educational researchers. This, he puts down to Sinical tendencies, that curious oriental blend of the sinister and the cynical.

It is an interesting case-study and factor analysis he carried out nigh on five years ago. It is quite applicable to the case of Atlantis, and he would find the same things — on a tiny island, everyone knows everyone or everyone's everyone. This makes it impractical to hew to the ethical ideals of anonymity, untraceability and confidentiality. Sooner or later, if X is doing research in Y, it will be figured out exactly what X is doing and how dangerous it is to the institutions involved.

To prevent all hell from breaking loose, it is therefore necessary for all to indulge in face-saving, face-hiding, and face-gaining behaviours. And likewise, the interrogator or researcher should allow for these behaviours when doing legitimate research. It is all very interesting, although it is also a great pain.

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