Monday, September 27, 2010


I was looking at the three books of the Gnome's writings when I realised that they had very interesting acronyms. The first volume was called ThEM, and it was all about his not-so-private musings about Atlantean relationships with others. The second was called PEG, and it was mostly about how the practice of government had justified some theories and broken others, while establishing benchmarks. The third one was called WEAN, and it was all about how nations in this part of the world should be able to develop their own economies with decreasing recourse to external funds.

Enlightened by these interesting acronyms, I decided to go look for more. The latest installment of critiques on the development of Atlantis is called MoSs. A volume of essays on Anglophone Chinese is called PerCh in a Glob SEA.

Then I realised the fallacy. Of course it couldn't mean anything. If you have enough words, you can see anything you want! It's just like scientific research. Just because it all hangs together nicely doesn't mean anything — if you're looking for patterns, meanings, relationships, you will find them. Ho ho.



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