Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Enchanted Morning

It's been a decade since 'Some Enchanted Morning', as one wit called it, was visited upon the centres of education in Atlantis. Like many badly designed games ported over from one system to another, it contained many exploits that clever players could take advantage of; as a former 'clever player' and colleague to many such clever players, I feel entitled to comment.

The newly enchanted version is a much tougher deal. The old one allowed educators essentially to invent goals for which they had sufficient documentation of trend and success, and then score points for the goals they had invented. The new one sets some of those goals as standard and determines how they are to be validated in terms of evidence and process.

Fortunately, when my collegial acquaintance Wolff left the Citadel of the Wyverns, he brought out with him a huge quantity of evidence, including the originals and forgeries he found. His story is an amazing one, and it should some day be told in great detail so that it can provide a very necessary education to those who would seek to administrate (urgh, ugly word) educators.

'Some Enchanted Morning' provided a means of turning 'Scarcely Quantifiable Attainments' into signs of major success. For some, this was unwarranted. Now, it looks like the pinnacles of excellence may yet be gilded with real metal.

I wonder, though, if all this can be attained through honesty and hard work alone. Or will it be as it was before, with virtuous gluten leavened by dishonest gas? I am truly interested in the outcomes, and am glad to be provided at every turn with the voluminous reports of the faithful.

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