Tuesday, April 17, 2007


You sit in peace and calm upon the rock of your faith. You have divested yourself of worldly power, and authority is given unto you of a different kind. You exercise your gift and learn to strengthen it. And you realise that the race that you are to run is not the race that others wanted you to run. For the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but time and chance happen to them all. For you might soar on wings like those of an eagle, but you must remember Moses said the eagle is a detestable bird, and Obadiah prophesied that Edom, soaring like an eagle, would fall from the stars of heaven. You need not soar, except when the power above you sends rescue on such wings.

Resignation is seen as avoidance of worldly duty, resignation is seen as loss and failure. But to be resigned to the inevitable and the glory of the infinite is wisdom. For a servant who has served well, who has done his duty and has been acknowledged as such, can indeed resign; there is no shame in it. For after a tour of duty in the burdensome heat of the desert, who will blame the servant who takes up a cross for a crown? For that yoke is easy, and that burden is light; and uneasy is the head that wears a crown. Why do you chafe against the noose and kick against the goad? The worker is worthy of his hire, and the ox should not be muzzled when treading out the grain. You are humble, humbled, and yet in a strong and exalted place.

And there you should rest, until you are called once more to serve.

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Anonymous hiero said...

No worries. We Chinese are quite an easy race to run...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 3:45:00 am  

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