Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Preliminary Thoughts on Science Education

The world we live in is a place which we routinely dismantle from the top down and then attempt to rebuild from the bottom up. Science has been our latest plaything in this endeavour, a sharp and scintillating tool that illuminates more than it disclarifies.

But that is a little like demolishing a building, and then attempting to reconstruct the history of the people who lived in it, after reassembling it from its fragmentary ruins. The functions, the relationships, the transactions of and between each person and each person's deeds - these are lost for all time. And so it is with our universe.

For just as each building hosts phenomena which have external attachments (the working lives of each individual, the economic environment, and such), so too does our universe act that way. There are phenomena that we cannot apprehend, that work outside the framework of the building - or at least this is what our limited science hypothesizes so far.

It is probably time for new paradigms across the sciences. Too much is inexplicable by our present knowledge, although so much is already laid bare enough.

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