Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Prosperity Gospel

Eighth day of the eighth month, the eve of the Atlantean Day. It is hard not to laugh at the desperate efforts towards cynicism that some muster. What a waste of energy. Look around and see, how the centre of the Old Empire — the Gateway of the Dragon's Teeth, the Isle of the Lion, this crimson mark on the Mappa Mundi — has been transformed into a prosperous island nation, a Prospero's island nation.

Yes, there are poor, some few, some who need help provided you do not insult their dignity. Yes, as in every land, the bottom 20% are poor compared to the top, and yes, the top is very high indeed above. But even these poor have internet access; even these poor can afford to be picky about their food; only excepting, as always, the very few truly poor and destitute.

I have seen a green land, a small gem set in a torrid tropical sea. And surprisingly, it is less soulless than many give it credit for. It has much credit of its own.

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