Sunday, July 29, 2012

Impurities (Part 5)

Here we are, mortal humans, impossible biological impurities in the impossible expanse of the impossible universe. I listen to John Lennox and Richard Dawkins, and I realise that Lennox is right — when Dawkins says that the way the universe develops closely imitates something that is designed, it is circular thinking — how can we say even this thought is true or designed if in fact nothing is designed?

We recognize truth only if it corresponds with our ideas of the universe. That is all, and it only eliminates miracles as things that don't correspond. But why would natural selection necessarily value truth or design? The answer is likely that it does not value either truth or design. There is nothing, and so evolution too is an illusion. For natural selection is a blind force — what survives is what survives, it is a circular argument.

Perhaps then all is math, and local impurities in the fabric are what gives us this illusion. And math too then is a series of propositions that are really assembled from finding the best fit in what works. We think it is logical, but we only do so because the brain that evolved thinks it is logical, which itself is also a product of evolution. Ho ho.

In the end, all it boils down to is that God is harder to explain than the universe. But if He weren't, wherefore should He be God?

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