Thursday, August 09, 2012


Prime numbers have that morbid satisfaction of only having themselves and their God as factors. In that sense, they are like the religious hermits of old, or like cats.

It was on this day that I realised how old we were, here in Atlantis. To begin one's life in 1959, only to be told that it really began in 1965, and then to be reminded that gestation began in 1819, or perhaps six hundred years earlier, or a few thousand more... this beggars belief, depletes it to poverty levels.

And yet the Harper says Atlantis was the centre of the ancient archipelagic and peninsular realm that sliced one ocean from another. And Hobson says that the Gateway of the Dragon's Teeth was famous from afar, even unto the streets of Samarkand.

Then I realised. You make a flag of red and white every time you bare your teeth.

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