Sunday, June 24, 2012

Journeyman (Part 5)

The chariots of the sun were only to be driven by Helios himself. Yet it was only much later that we realised the sun was driven by the water-producer, Hüdrogenes. So much for Faith and Religion in the face of the great challenger — Nomenclature.

It is not science, we see with some conscience, that has been the enemy. Rather it is what Confucius had long averred and Eliot wrote of cats, that the naming of names is the most important thing of all.

For in the cold tablet of the periods, like some fell theology, a sequence of truth warped by names arises — Water-Maker, Sunlight, Stone, Beryl, Flux, Coal, Ash-Maker, Acid-Maker, Flow and Novelty.

And thus is learning filled with the emotions and passions of the dead.



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