Saturday, June 23, 2012

Journeyman (Part 4)

It has been a strange journeying, and a cold time was had by all. Yet we were strangely warmed, for in the movement, one learns that what moves cannot be destroyed.

How then should we teach fear and violence, disgust and hate and all unpleasant things, and yet preserve the future sanity of the young?

This is no idle question, fellow journeymen. For you must know, no human is born sane. All humans are unformed, lacking mind and awareness, and they will continue like this until they reach the mediocrity of the norm.

The norm being what it is, half of them will then move beyond that, but it is touch and go as to whether a given individual will be sane. For according the mighty and constantly updated tomes of the Dei Sub Majoris, most people are as mad as coots.

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