Thursday, March 01, 2012

St David's Day (2012)

As the Welsh have put it, "A lluman glân Dewi a ddyrchafant!" — And they will raise the pure banner of [St] David!

Today is St David's Day, a day that always makes me pause for reflection on the year behind it. What has happened in 2011 that must be remembered at the Citadel of Wyverns?

There is a new lord at the Citadel, but not a new Lord. There is a new hope, but not a new faith. And the creed of the fathers is still the creed of the family, seen emblazoned on the shield of the wyverns.

By February this year, the last month of the long winter seemed past us. Spring has come again, it seems. There is perhaps more of the fire that used to burn on the mountain, the tide of golden flowers and blue waters descending across the faintly greening black hills of the land.

David, saint of shepherds and of teachers, ascetic, monastic — we thank God for the vision of such men and their dreams. And as that saint used to say, "Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd!" — Do the little things in life!


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