Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Secondary Schooling

"And so it has come to this...", as the excellent webcomic xkcd notes, is a rather useful line. It happened to insert itself into my stream of consciousness as I contemplated Monday's changes at the Citadel of Wyverns on the imaginary White Cliffs.

I saw change coming about nine years ago, and the documentary evidence for that is (amazingly) still stored in places as diverse as the Cathedral of the Book. However, reactionary forces of the decadent establishment pushed back strongly. Many felt that change for the sake of change was being proposed. They were unable to see necessary change, even as it forced them to move along.

And here we stand. Will people still keep building sandcastles as the tide comes in? Some people are too young to be acting so old; some are too old to be acting so young. The staff room in the old days reminded me of a Fox TV series I like a lot: NCIS. You could get your team together and start moving quickly when there was work to do.

Now, it's all drama and intrigue and something more like Borgias and bourgeoisie than sense and sensibility. But there is light coming down from the shiny and upright dome that looms above the benighted hill. And so, we Wyverns keep the faith and wait.

I shall go look for Sir Wolff and the blade that Oldham gave his forefathers.

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