Saturday, March 17, 2012

Score (Part IV)

There is a cold scent in the bright morning. It is the day after the revolution. Moses, at that age, slew an overseer and fled for his life. He married the daughter of a pagan priest, at one stroke going from polytheist culture to pantheist (or perhaps animist — we are not too sure about Jethro).

I am lost. Or rather, I am in the position of a captain who knows his ship is well-supplied and sound, but that a storm has placed him in uncharted waters with neither dead reckoning nor sextant as guide.

The sealed orders told me all I needed to know. The Dark Lord of the Admiralty had cast me adrift. Part of this was because of my allegedly annoying alleged habit of resorting to what some thought of as privateering to earn a living. I had done nothing of the kind.

The next few months would prove very interesting.



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