Thursday, August 11, 2011

Notes to Self

Things to remind other people about:
  1. It's A4, not 'foolscap'. Foolscap (originally, fool's cap) is F4.
  2. Prime numbers are good, because they resist division.
  3. Fruits rich in vitamin C are also rich in antioxidants for a reason: vitamin C triggers the peroxide cascade.
  4. Fish is good. And if eggs were no good, why are they the beginning of life?
  5. Life is unique, from the empirical point of view. There are barbarians, but no aliens.
  6. There is no point to school unless you make excuses for it.
  7. Entropy is the way to go.
  8. But energy is what lets you go there.
  9. Cats are smarter than dogs, but the raven is even smarter.
  10. There are too many things to remind other people about. And none of them are important.



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