Monday, June 28, 2010

Whose World? What Cup? (Day 17a)

After a humdinger of a match between Germany and England, in which I think justice was done for both 1966 and 2010, I have woken up from my inter-match nap to think about Argentina v Mexico.

I really can't decide who I want to win this. Which is a good thing, unlike my situation in the previous match. I think this time I will let the two teams do the talking with their feet. And I hope the refereeing and everything else is perfectly unbiased. Or equally biased, since humans are a biased lot.

Actually, I do have something to add. If Argentina win and it's Germany v Argentina in the next round, who would an England fan support if forced to do so? Tough one, that.


At first, it seemed as if Mexico were better at both attack and defence. Then it all fell apart after Argentina scored a hotly disputed offside goal in the 26th minute and the Mexicans lost their heads and their concentration. Another goal was conceded shortly thereafter. I feel as if I'm writing an obituary, and it isn't even half-time.


Well, now it is half-time. And some of the lads are having a go at each other outside the tunnel. Madness. This is upsetting. I'm not sure it's worth watching anymore. Sigh. I even see Diego 'Hand-of-God' Maradona trying to calm things down.


Final score: 3-1 Argentina. Not totally deserved, but the result is right; the better team won. Much better show from Mexico than England though.

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