Sunday, June 13, 2010

Master Historian

I was pleasantly tickled earlier today to read a piece about one of the Grand Masters of the Citadels of the Wyvern. In that piece, the Thunderer's daughter mentions his great prowess and erudition; of greater importance, she mentions his skillful teaching. I had the honour of being a student when he was Master of the Citadel.

In my opinion, he was one of the best Masters. True to his ideals, always willing to work with or against the conventional as long as education was well served, he obeyed the principles and dicta of his first predecessor, the Dauntless Hero, in all respects. He has now retired as Master, but continues to serve as Lord High Archivist.

I have many anecdotes about him which I shall tell when appropriate. But one of them is apropos. When he came to the current Wyvern Citadel on the Hill to speak, some of my colleagues who had not known him whispered to me, "That is the way a Master of the Citadel should speak."

Of course, that would not sit well with the current Master, the Grand Inquistor, so I shall not mention the names of those illustrious colleagues. But it was clear that listening to the measured and intelligent speech emerging from the lips of this now much older man, they had been firmly made aware of some deficiencies of the incumbent. I laughed, and replied, "Yes."

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