Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Transfer Mechanisms

Transfer deadline day has come and gone over at the English Premier League. It's all about which club moves what players either incoming or outgoing, and it provides lots of entertainment.

At moments such as this, I wonder what an education system would be like if classroom lessons were televised 'live' with analysis in between classes. "So will he sign a new utility player to replace the teacher he free-transferred for what is looking to be a really bad reason?" "It looks like his back four (or is it five) is keeping the balls out well. But are they learning anything out there?" "Oh it's definitely a disaster, that own goal, but he has to pick himself up and do his best." "The fourth official is not having a good day. Surely that student was offside." "Did you see the chemistry in that class? Superb qualitative analysis under pressure!"

And so on.

Actually, it would be fun to see transfer fees for teachers, with ESPN (Education Service Professional Nationwide) tracking them by blogs and suchlike. It would be even more fun if promotions and appointments at all level were made public. "What? Titus B for team captain?" "The manager's gone berserk!" "£160k a week for that kind of performance isn't going to make the fans happy." "It looks like the Gryphons have made a record signing this year and their Integrated Programme will benefit."

It would be even more amusing to do it like Fantasy Football. Every school in the country would be given a fixed budget and they'd have to choose their teachers within the budget. Ho ho ho.

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