Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Some time ago, I found myself reading something like this:

Waffles are, in essence, breakfast. Among the early scholars of the waffle industry are many who later played key roles in breakfast menu construction. The movers, shapers and architects of modern breakfast include clown hero Ronald M and various assorted expensive cafés where they charge five bucks for a shot of joe. They all have one thing in common, the capacity to spawn unlimited copies. That is why when you visit Atlantis, the natives look at you and say, "Let's go to a 'copy time' for breakfast."

To be a waffle has been a dream of many breakfasts. Those privileged enough to be one know that they carry with them a sense of butteriness, occasionally tinged with cinnamon or blueberry essence. To be a waffle means having the 'dare' to bread an unbeaten egg. To be a waffle is to be a carbohydrate source, a fat resource, a way of life.

In an advanced breakfast shop, we work hard at harnessing the best resources available to nurture breakfasts which have fresh eggs, butter and dough. We want our waffles to be strong in their basic stuff, so that when you apply condiments across them they will not crumble but remain relatively crisp. We want our waffles be pursued relentlessly and inspire in others the passion to create something new. We want them to be curious and peculiar, filled with hidden insights and ingredients. We want our waffles to show courage and fortitude in the face of challenging customers, to go down well with other foods, and invite empathy and a genuine respect (even from those whose views on breakfast, cultures and backgrounds differ).

In an advanced breakfast shop, we aim at making our breakfasts not just a good experience but a remarkable one. The stuff that we have extracted, the comprehensive combinations that we have designed, are meant to give breakfasts with diverse strengths, interests and aspirations pathways to digestion which they are best at. Breakfasts come with menus to help navigate the challenging and complex contexts of today. They are exposed to industry and leaders of industry to help them understand what it takes to be successful. They have many opportunities to learn to be served to the community and understand the qualities that make a waffle great.

This is our way of ensuring that waffles continue to embody the hope of a better age. Journey with us and feel your arteries respond to waffles.

No, I didn't quite believe it either.

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