Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mindlessness in Atlantis

Chronologies are funny things. I remember my 2004 post on All Hallows' Eve, about how disappointed I had been, in more than one sense. It was the last day of my almost eight years as the commander of the largest of all Atlantis's alchemical divisions, and I had been asked to step down.

Shortly thereafter, the whole College was told that blogging was evil, unprofessional, a useless and mindless activity. And so on. It was a dark time, a time for only those of true conviction and greatness of spirit to survive.

Fast forward about seven months, and miraculous things happened. I remember speaking in a very restrained and non-committal way with the Mustache some time before the first miracle. He was glad that I remained positive and happy; he was incredulous that such a thing had happened (as were many who knew).

Four months after that, as we approached the first anniversary of my disappointment, the advent of 'white space' was announced. Obviously, some people implemented it in a silly and haphazard way, but it was a good idea.

In December 2005, I was promoted again. Some day, I will tell the whole story. It is a fascinating one.

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