Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I suspect I am a chimera, not just a wyvern. Actually, I've suspected it for a very long time.

The evidence can be found in the not-quite-so-obvious lines that form 'armbands' on my forearms. Under diffuse light at a shallow angle, they're quite obvious; most people can't see them unless they look hard. Only a very small number of my friends have gotten close enough to know that they're there.

I've also got a terrible mixture of genes. My mother used to say I blamed everything on her. That's not true; I merely said that they all appeared to be sex-linked recessives.

One alternative hypothesis is that I'm an alien sleeper agent. Hence my previous post. I've been experiencing too much alien sleep.

In other news Sam Brownback thinks that someday human-animal genetics may become blurred. He has found 20 other morons to gang up with him and try to ban that kind of stuff. It's mind-boggling.



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