Friday, July 11, 2008


From out of the constellation of Leo come many strange things eponymously named. One of those can be seen in mid-November every year: the famous Leonid meteor shower. To see a falling star is one thing; for people of the past to have seen many at one time must have been terrifying, provoking thoughts that the sky was falling. But the firmament remains.

It is the same with many things. Reagan was hailed as one of the greats, of Rushmorean eminence, for his part in taking down the 'Evil Empire' of which a certain Leonid was the last great exponent. But despite the falling of many stars in that crimson sky, Vladimir Putin appears to have somehow managed to jury-rig an apparatus that holds together.

Many strange things come out of Leo. It is a pre-eminent constellation in the northern sky starting a short time from now. It only remains to be seen what strange Leonids will bring awe, startlement and excitement to our mundane lives.

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