Thursday, August 09, 2007

Notional Medals

In keeping with the spirits of the times and of the places and of the days and seasons, and of the maddening sum of ephemera which makes up the mortal condition, I present to you a list of Notional Day Awards.

The Star of Atlantis

Forged of meteoritic iron of a kind rare even between the stars, this crystalline black medal is the highest award of the Incarnadine Bleme. It is given for exceptional courage or skill in the (military) service of the state, conspicuous gallantry in the face of overwhelming danger, or obsessive devotion which results in exceptional gain to the nation. The obverse bears the Cross of the Inmost Sea composed of double-edged swords, with the intersection encompassed by a wreath of selina and a five-pointed star as of Ëarendil. The ribbon is of the hue known as Mordant's Need, a very deep purple barred argent of five, with a thin crimson line dividing the central bar.

Lesser awards related to the Star are: the Order of Atlantis (Badge, Cross and Crown) and the Order of the Bloodless Hero.

The Honorific Sigil

This award is a life-changing honour bestowed upon those who have lost their truenames in the service of the State. Such rare entities must carry the Sigil with them so that they might be identified in the absence of a name. Each Sigil has a small badge with a ribbon in state colours, designed to look inconspicuous except to those looking for such an item. There are two grades of award: the Certified Honour and the Bachelor's Medal.

The Rite of the Silver Service

The Rite is pronounced over various public functionaries who have rendered valuable public service to the people of an Atlantean colony or who have distinguished themselves in the scholae of grammar, athletics, alchemical arts, numismatic arts, fiduciary offices, and various priesthoods. The Rite entitles the celebrant to bear a miniature Star of Atlantis within the two concentric rings of a thaumaturgic circle, said badge offering protection against spiritual assault.

The Rite may be administered at several levels, most common being the Star, the Bar, the Wreath and the Armametarium.

The Condemnation Medal

The Condemnation Medal is awarded to knights of Atlantis who have distinguished themselves despite public opprobrium, the vexations of many retardants, the pleadings of many supplicants, and the inimical sorceries of the Flame-Savants of the Distant East. Despite bearing tarnished armour and severe loss of public approval, their devotion to duty in the service of the Aiglerie and other unseen organs of State have become sufficiently creditable to the hierarchs. A career record containing strong mana of performance, conduct, efficiency, and at least a minimum competence and devotion in service are essential for this award. The Medal contains on its reverse the arms of Atlantis and on the obverse the rising sun within a wreath of selina.

The Efficacy Medal

The Efficacy Medal is presented to knights of Atlantis for exceptional efficacy, exceptional devotion to duty, or works of special significance to the local hierarchs. It is especially applicable to agents of the Star or the servants of the Hidden Instrumentalities. The Medal is an approximate rhombus, or rhomboid, engrailed and engraved with archangelic motifs, with four distinctly different horsemen etched on the reverse.



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