Tuesday, October 09, 2012


If eight is secure, the frame of (n-1)-ness in a 3D universe of experience, then nine is shifty. For we are decimate humans, bound to our handheld digital computers, the split-processing multi-tasking things at the ends of our wrists. We count on our fingers, and they do not often disappoint us.

But they are where the great power of the number nine lies. For the number nine is one less than the base, 9 = 10-1. And because of that, it is the seed of many interesting patterns that all rely on having fallen short of the glory of ten.

Some people marvel at this. I don't. I think it's more wonderful to see that 1/7 is 0.142857…. See? Six repeating digits gained by doing a reciprocal on seven.

But nine is nice; it is three by three, and the nearest thing we have to numinosity in the palm of our hands.

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