Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From Zero

Where all coordinates are zero, there is the origin. If in the beginning, all things are zero, nothing can happen. And if nothing can happen, all remains zero.

But if something can happen, it is the splitting of zero into equal negatives and positives. It is this quantum fluctuation that the natural rationalist must have faith in, or nothing has happened, nothing happens, nothing will happen.

It is more believable, some say, that something happened with such extreme fluctuation that a universe was created. And the proof, some claim, is that the universe exists.

But this is proof of nothing. The universe exists, but we cannot know how and why by any natural means, because this is the nature of universes. We have no statistical probabilities, no learning lessons to use inductively or deductively in order to 'know' how universes are formed.

Maybe we were all born yesterday. Maybe quantum fluctuation is that cool, the fluctuation between nothing and everything. And just perhaps, some people might think that to call it quantum fluctuation, a phenomenon without mind nor directivity, is better than to think of God, a person with altogether too much mind and directivity.

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Blogger Derek Lim said...

Brought this up after my 'Quantum Computing & Information' class. We had the lesson on interpretation (observation & measurement; completeness & correctness; Einstein v. Bohr; EPR; etc.). The class was almost entirely devoted to philosophical discussion because the sticking point was about defining and apprehending the real.

Monday, October 01, 2012 11:09:00 pm  

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