Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Big Change

Some time ago, I noted an amusing change which I believe to be of great benefit to everyone concerned...
In recognition of the concerns raised by colleagues regarding [redacted] assessment, the prescribed titles will be split from November 2012 and a new set of 6 titles will be issued for each examination session. The appropriate set of titles for each session will be made available on [redacted] as follows:
  • 1 March for the year of the November session
  • 1 September for the following May session
Marking guidance for examiners has been severely restricted because of the use of one set of titles to service two examination sessions. This improvement will enable the senior examining team to compile detailed marking notes for each title thus providing greater support to the examining team.
What it does mean is a lot less work all round for those of us who work on such things. Wonderful!

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