Saturday, May 21, 2011


Several times in the last day or so, I have been made aware of my own uncharitable and prideful nature. As one old friend pointed out a while back, I shouldn't be kicking people when they're down. And not with polished leather shoes. Even if a lot of it is in my own mind.

It was very bad of me. Hence, a new resolution. Be kind. Forgive. And most difficult for the proud, seek forgiveness.

There are lots of excuses a man can dream of in order to avoid such difficulties. But they don't really excuse, do they? As Lewis once pointed out, it is silly to think up excuses when the Highest knows all the things which can legitimately excuse you, and those that don't. You can be assured that in the divine order of justice, you will be excused where excuse is due.

And also, you will be judged as judgement is due, especially if you think you are beyond it. So, do all things in love.

Hence, this blog will have to stop being angry. And I advise my distant fellows elsewhere to perhaps reconsider your anger too. Some of you have duly done so, and I appreciate that; we can all learn from each other to be kind, to forbear, to "trust God, see all, nor be afraid."

The fellowship remains strong, but perhaps we should not make things harder for the Citadel as it approaches what might very well be a renaissance. We should live in hope, and not in Schadenfreude. There are, after all, ways to seal the Abyss.

Did it take a pagan poet to remind us of this? Sigh. I repent, and hope it will stick.

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Blogger Albrecht Morningblade said...

No, no, no! Never with polished leather soles! Only hobnailed boots will do!

Remember that next time!

: )

Monday, June 06, 2011 5:33:00 pm  
Blogger Trebuchet said...

It should have been steel-tipped hobnailed boots. And really hard the first time so as not to have to go round a second time. But see, I am a nice person now.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011 4:19:00 pm  

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