Saturday, June 05, 2010

Open Season

Earlier this year, the great high schools of Atlantis went through the convolutions of the annual ritual of the Open House, in which all secrets are laid bare and the souls of men revealed to many. Only, not quite.

At the Citadel of the Wyverns, now under siege, the High Lord Lord High Grand Inquisitor (also called the Aasvogel or 'le Yak Sauvage' behind his back) apparently delivered a mumbly and unedifying spiel, in which no hard data were provided, nassssty ssssecretssss were not laid bare, and the soul of one man was shown to be rather threadbare at this sad stage in his life.

What?! Really?!

Well, several parents, teachers, and many students assure me it is so. Unfortunately, I think it is a likely thing, and so it is probably true. A few have told me that had they not already entered into the Citadel, they would have gone off to the Gryphon Hold, or even to the House of the Flaming Book.

They told me that the Aasvogel was dilatory, evasive, circumlocutory, and in general, gave the appearance of a man whose heart is not in the grand endeavour. I think I shall call upon Sir Wolff to give comment in the next post.

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Blogger Augustin said...

Nothing unusual there.. haven't we known this all along :p

Sunday, June 06, 2010 12:16:00 am  

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