Sunday, April 18, 2010

David's Meditation on Isaac Newton

Sometimes, you wonder about the less obvious story behind the obvious story. You read the accounts, you see the humans and their intimate tales of sorrow and loss, triumph and power, blessings and curses. And you wonder. A lot. Here is one of my wonderings.

The Rock That God Moved

I have such stupid brothers.
They could not wait to pass
the sheepwatch duties on to me
and get out of the grass.

I am smarter and I learnt.
A five-pound lump of stone
and a leather thong, ballistics
and boredom set the tone.

Israel is full of morons.
They're all archers, you know.
To stand and fight in armoured might?
A stupid way to go.

Why is everyone surprised?
Twenty-five centuries
more and Isaac Newton will lay bare
the force-fed mysteries.

Radial acceleration
And a single solid rock.
The book won't ever really say
Goliath died from shock.

You wonder why the real story was never written. And then you realise that you are looking down Time's wrong-way telescope. The old stories are truly the best. My more prosaic meditation can be found here.

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