Saturday, April 28, 2007

Grassroots Feedback

Yes, I do watch English football; I've done it all my life. And I will watch it even if Arsenal aren't playing (not that the Gunners are particularly English anyway).

I am happy with simple things. Ben Thatcher getting red-carded (any red card for him is overdue); Joey Barton not scoring a penalty (yes, bad things happen to bad people); Chelsea being held 2-2 at the Bridge by Bolton. I feel sorry (a little) for Everton, especially since one goal against them came from a MUFC alumnus and one came from one of their own alumni.

But that's the nature of things. Alumni from your greatest rivals will cause you as much pain as your own alumni. You can spend like Croesus and still not win the title. People will say nasty things about you (how come your man is in the FA as well as your board?) and sometimes mean them.

There are many similarities between English Premier League football and education in Singapore. And, of course, many differences too.

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